Land Clearing Services

land clearing

Let Us Clear The Way!

GES provides right of way and land clearing services. Our experienced team uses traditional and specialized land clearing equipment and our expert crews apply techniques that best fit the situation at hand providing the most effective solution for our customers.

* Permits: 100% permit compliance

* Tree Removal: Safe tree removal, including grinding and grubbing

* Analysis & Development: Evaluations and upgrades of right of ways which include analysis, development of potential cost savings solutions, fencing, signage, storm water management and abatement

GES has extensive experience with projects containing significant scopes of work for right of way and access construction.  Some of these projects have been for high profile customers such as Kinder Morgan, Iberdrola, VELCO, CMP, First Wind, Spectra, and Trans-Canada.  GES has an excellent environmental record in less than favorable conditions, including record rain events in Lincoln, Maine, Hurricane Sandy response in Northern NJ, record rainfall in Moundsville, West Virginia and freezing low temperatures including -41 in Stratton, Maine.