Access & Matting Solutions

Road Building, Matting, Temporary Bridges and Work Pads

Mats are a crucial asset needed during the execution of many projects. The installation of mats allows for access into environmentally sensitive areas that organizations like the Department of Environmental Protection, Land Use Regulation Commission, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Environmental Protection Agency might not otherwise permit.

GES’ Access & Matting Solutions can provide: access solutions

  • Focus on safety and protection of workers, clients and the public
  • Delivery economical pricing solutions
  • Excel in winter road construction and maintenance
  • Design, installation and removal of temporary and permanent bridges
  • Extensive specialized labor and equipment
  • Installation and removal of various types of earth and gravel roads
  • Layout and constructability support for design and permitting
  • Maintenance services during and after construction
  • Site Restoration services
  • Transport, install and remove large quantities of mats in short durations



GES’ mat manufacturing, large inventory of mats, key relationships with other mat manufacturers / suppliers and large transportation fleet enable us to provide large quantities of mats to customers with aggressive time frames at competitive prices.   This combination of strengths is unprecedented in the industry!  Our crews have extensive experience in permit compliance for federal, state, and local agencies.

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